Gemfields’ June Ruby Auction Fetches Nearly $69M

The sale marks the miner’s 10th anniversary of its first auction of rubies from the Montepuez Ruby Mine in Mozambique.

Gemfields ruby
Gemfields latest mixed-quality ruby auction brought in $68.7 million.
London—Gemfields announced its latest mixed-quality ruby auction brought in $68.7 million.

It was 97 percent sold by lot and nearly 100 percent sold by weight, with 94 of the 97 lots—comprising 217,044 carats offered—finding buyers.

The sale generated an average price per carat of $316.95. 

“We are pleased to announce another strong result demonstrating the confidence that loyal customers have in our product offering and auction platform,” said Adrian Banks, Gemfields’ managing director of product and sales.

Banks said the company is proud to have “crossed the milestone” of an average selling price of $300 per carat at its June 2024 auction.

The rough rubies were extracted by Montepuez Ruby Mining Limitada (MRM), which is 75 percent owned by Gemfields and 25 percent by Mozambican partner Mwiriti Limitada.

The auction, comprised of seven mini auctions, took place June 3-18 via Gemfields’ online auction platform. Lots were made available for private, in-person viewings in Bangkok prior to the sale.

Fifty-two companies placed bids. 

The auction’s total was lower than its June 2023 mixed-quality sale, which garnered $80.4 million with 446,202 carats offered.

A “low ruby” category was included in the June 2023 sale, while Gemfields did not offer a “low ruby” category at this mixed-quality sale or at the mixed-quality auction in December 2023, as per its press release about the results. 

The miner also said auction results are “not always directly comparable,” as the lots offered vary in size, color, and clarity on account of variations in mined production and market demand. 

The June 2023 auction was 97 percent sold by lot and 68 percent sold by weight, fetching an average price per carat of $265.99, against its more-than-$300 price per carat achieved in the June 2024 sale. 

Gemfields notes one lot representing around 30 percent of the total weight offered in the June 2023 auction did not sell, and therefore the average price per carat was “considerably higher” than if the lot had sold. 

The remaining gems, as well as 703,000 carats of “low ruby,” were sold at the September 2023 commercial quality ruby auction. 

It has held 22 auctions of MRM gemstones since its first sale in June 2014, which together have generated $1.12 billion in total revenue. 

“While the industry is currently facing some headwinds, arising in part from a softening in China, we hope this result provides good comfort to other stakeholders in our sector. As always, our thanks and appreciation goes out to the hardworking team at MRM, our partners Mwiriti and the Government of Mozambique, whose support makes these results and achievements possible,” Banks said. 

The proceeds of this auction will be fully repatriated to MRM in Mozambique, with all royalties due to the Government of the Republic of Mozambique being paid on the full sales price achieved at the auction, according to Gemfields.