LOS ANGELES – April 23, 2019 – PRLog —

Cut by Lampert’s Lapidary facility in Bangkok, with
mapping, design, and initial cleavage by Steven
Zale, a treasure was created by this astounding
beautiful natural 585 carat Red Suede Ruby. Zale
states, “This was a risky feat, as the incorrect
initial cleavage could have shattered the rough to
tiny pieces and rendered it valueless”. Zale
further explains the cutting loss was over 68%
just to get the planned design shape. The art or
sometimes luck to get this size of yield is very
rare and would require a meticulous provenance
support. The initial rough had duel certifications
from GIA & Emil Labs. Once the final cutting and
polish was complete, the ruby measured 50 x 50
x 52 x 28 mm, and was certified again by a third
lab, IGI rendering it matching to the original rough
We asked Zale, Why did you name it, The Tear of
Buddha? Zale explained, “Folklore submits that In Ancient
Tibet and China, Buddhist beliefs claim Rubies are the,
Tears of Buddha as the Ruby began its travel journey
along the Silk Road… The name just seemed fitting to
me.” Now that I have finished the designs, wax carvings, I
will craft it in 18K gold and adorned the necklace with a
beautiful diamond design. This necklace will be such a
magnificent work of art & craftsmanship, that it will be a
signed and numbered part of the Renoir High Jewelry
Collectable, by Emmanuel Renoir Legacy Brand and surly
command a high six figure tag.
About SJ ZALE ATELIER- is a product design and development studio headed by multi award winning
designer Steven Zale. Steven’s team has earned the finest reputation and name recognition due to many
years of being major innovators in the diamond & jewelry industry. Stevens’s strengths are unsurpassed
in the areas of design, brand development and craftsmanship. Steven has been the designing force
behind some of the most famous brands worldwide. The ability to capture a brand, articulate it through
design while remaining on the leading edge of fashion is key and is one of Steven Zale’s greatest